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North Korean TV expands satellite transmissions

Korean Central Television has appeared on a satellite above the Atlantic Ocean, extending coverage of its live signal to the Americas and Europe. The TV channel, which is North Korea’s main state-run TV service, began broadcasting on Intelsat 21 earlier in April, according to monitoring [...]
Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang in May 2014 (UN Photo)

North Korea launches online shopping site

North Korea has launched an e-commerce site on its nationwide intranet, KCNA said Wednesday. The site, which is accessible via PC and mobile telephone, is called 옥류 (Okryu) and includes consumer goods, medicine and food items. Users can search for goods they want to buy and also schedule delivery, [...]

Voice of Korea schedule for mid-2015

Voice of Korea, North Korea’s international shortwave broadcasting station, will use the following schedule from March 29 for roughly six months. The broadcasts follow the same basic line-up each day. :00 Opening signal, station identification: “This is Voice of Korea” :01 National Anthem :03 Song [...]

BBC World Service still mulling North Korean service

The BBC World Service is still exploring ways to launch programming aimed at North Korea. The broadcaster had previously said budget cuts are hampering efforts to get its news and information programming into the country, but a new report makes clear the country remains an expansion target. Any BBC [...]
North Korean Internet connectivity problems on January 26, 2015. (Illustration: Dyn Research)

More Internet problems hit North Korea

North Korea’s Internet connection is experiencing problems again, leading to difficulties in connecting to North Korean websites from outside of the country, according to data from Dyn Research. Users inside North Korea are also presumably having trouble reaching sites in the rest of the world. The [...]
This message told users the Indiegogo campaign had been deleted (Photo: North Korea Tech)

Internet-funded North Korean coup has short life

A bizarre attempt to raise $10 million to fund a coup in North Korea appears to have ended shortly after it began. A fund-raising campaign asking for money to “Help Bring Freedom to North Korea” was posted on Indiegogo on January 18, but several days later was deleted from the site. “We are Freedom [...]

Obama says Internet could bring down Kim regime

Greater access to information, particularly the Internet, will likely prove to be what ends the rule of North Korea’s regime, President Obama said last week in an interview. Speaking to YouTube creators during an event at The White House, Obama said military options against the country were [...]
Balloons carrying propaganda material are launched from Paju, South Korea, towards North Korea on January 15, 2014. (HRF handout)

Balloon launch of “The Interview” DVDs to go ahead

A U.S.-based group says a launch it is sponsoring of balloons carrying copies of the Sony Pictures movie “The Interview” into North Korea will go ahead, despite threats against it by the North Korean government. The Human Rights Foundation said on Monday that the launch, performed by the [...]
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