Blogs and news sites covering North Korea in English:


NKEconWatch, run by Curtis Melvin, keeps close track of the North Korean economy and issues affecting it. The blog consists of numerous links to interesting articles covering North Korea and has established itself as one of the premiere blogs focused on North Korea. The comments sections generates an addition wealth of information from knowledgeable commentators on the country. is updated daily with links to just about every article written on North Korea. The site is one of the best places to catch North Korean news online. The 5am and 10am EST update times means it catches many of the stories from Asia soon after they are published. There is also an e-mail digest available.

Open Radio for North Korea

Open Radio for North Korea is one of a handful of radio stations that broadcasts by shortwave into North Korea. The station maintains a network of “correspondents” inside the country and often breaks news on its Web site, which is available in English and Korean.

Daily NK

Daily NK is a daily news Web site covering the DPRK. Like Open Radio, the Daily NK has a network of “correspondents” inside North Korea and they often provide information that is not reported in the official media.