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A message on an Air Koryo Facebook page as it appeared on January 14, 2015

Air Koryo’s Facebook page hacked

Hackers have hit a Facebook page for North Korean airline Air Koryo replacing it with messages in support of Islamic State militants and against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The page shot to fame earlier in the year when it began replying to user comments and questions about trips to North [...]
Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang in May 2014 (UN Photo)

How the media circus reported North Korea’s pro-wrestling throwdown

When the isolated country hosted dozens of reporters, athletes and minor celebrities at its International Pro-Wrestling Contest in Pyongyang at the weekend, opinions on the experience were mixed to say the least. We took a look at the coverage. View image | By Maeve Shearlaw, [...]
A Facebook message indicates the DPRK Music Channel account has been closed (Photo: NorthKoreaTech)

DPRK Music Channel gone for good?

One of the most popular YouTube channels carrying North Korean content appears to have closed. DPRK Music Channel posted music videos of North Korean patriotic songs and traditional ballads, usually sourced from Korean Central TV. The channel had amassed more than 1.3 million views as of February [...]
Facebook message posted on the StimmeKoreas page

YouTube terminates most popular North Korean channel

The most popular North Korea-related YouTube channel was deleted by the video website on Wednesday for copyright infringement. [April 26 update: The channel is now back. Read on for details of how that happened] The Stimme Koreas channel had amassed around 15 million views for the hundreds of [...]

North Korea YouTube List updated

It’s been almost a year since I published the second edition of The North Korea YouTube List, a survey of YouTube channels that carry material related to North Korea. The latest version includes several new channels and changes throughout. Perhaps the biggest change is that the DPRK Music Channel, [...]

IJuche app banned in South Korea

A recently-launched iPhone app that delivers articles from the Korean Central News Agency to iPhones and iPads has been banned in South Korea. The app, iJuche, was developed and published in late 2013 and was highlighted on NorthKoreaTech earlier this week. That publicity was apparently enough to [...]

App lets you keep up with KCNA on iPhone, iPad

If you use an Apple iPhone or iPad, there’s a new app that lets you stay current with news from the Korean Central News Agency. IJuche is the product of work by Peter Curtis, who says he became fascinated with the DPRK after reading Andrew Holloway’s “A Year in Pyongyang.” “When I decided that I [...]

AP’s Guttenfelder named Time’s top Instagram photographer

Time Magazine has named David Guttenfelder its top Instagram photographer of the year for his on-going series of photos that chronicle life in North Korea. Guttenfelder, chief Asia photographer for the Associated Press, has made numerous journeys to the DPRK over the past several years and began [...]
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