A satellite image of a wind farm in Kwail Country (Image: Google Maps)

State media shows off solar and wind power plant

A visit by Kim Jong Un to inspect KPA Air Force Unit 1016 has provided a closer look at a new solar power plant built alongside an existing wind power plant. KCNA carried a handful of images of the visited, but more were broadcast by Korean Central TV during its evening news program. Here’s one of [...]
Will Scott speaks at the Chaos Computer Club conference in Hamburg on December 29, 2014.

Computer science in the DPRK

Will Scott, the American that spent a semester teaching computer science at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, spoke about his experiences this week at the Chaos Computer Club’s annual conference in Hamburg. Scott, who has just returned from the second trip to PUST, went into [...]
Boot-up of Red Star Linux 3.0 (Image: North Korea Tech)

Red Star 3.0 Desktop – The install

The operating system is being offered as a 2.6 gigabyte ISO file, which means it will look like a CD or DVD install disc to most modern operating systems. The operating system can be directly installed from the ISO file and requires about 10 gigabytes of disc space. I installed mine inside a [...]
The Red Star Linux 3.0 desktop (Image: North Korea Tech)

Red Star 3.0 Desktop finally becomes public

The latest version of North Korea’s home-grown desktop operating system, Red Star Linux 3.0, was uploaded to BitTorrent on Monday. We first got a look at the operating system almost a year ago when screenshots were posted online. A link to a download file was included in a message on Pastebin that [...]

PUST turns out first undergraduates

The Pyongyang University of Science and Technology turned out its first round of undergraduates last week, marking a significant achievement for North Korea’s first privately-funded university. The 100 students received their Bachelors degrees in a ceremony in Pyongyang that was attended by the [...]

SiliVaccine – North Korea’s anti-virus scanner

In a country where most computers aren’t connected to the Internet, an anti-virus scanner might not seem like much of a necessity. But since 2002, programmers in the country have been working on SiliVaccine, a home grown anti-virus application that is now in its fourth version. I was recently sent [...]
A portion of a proposal from the Pyongyang Kwangmyong IT Corp. presented to Russia's APKIT. (Photo: North Korea Tech)

North Korea proposes expanding work with Russian IT companies

A North Korean state IT company has approached Russia’s Information and Computer Technologies Industry Association (APKIT) proposing a greater working relationship with Russian IT companies. The country apparently wants to win business from Russian companies and the Pyongyang Kwangmyong IT [...]
Taedonggang TV factory is shown in this image carried by Korean Central News Agency on September 20, 2011.

Taedonggang TV Factory

The current issue of Foreign Trade has a profile of Taedonggang TV factory, which sits on the outskirts of Pyongyang and makes a number of TV sets carrying several North Korean brand names, according to the magazine. “The factory has several workshops for magnetic substances, metal processing, [...]
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