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Analyzing the June 25 DDoS attacks

Tuesday’s series of denial of service attacks on major North Korean websites caused delays and frustration for legitimate users but doesn’t appear to have been as large or successful as the first round of attacks in late March and early April this year. Analysis by of data [...]

DPRK reconfigures its Internet connection

Hot on the heels of a series of attacks that have seen its Internet connectivity severely disrupted, the DPRK appears to be adding an additional route through which it links to the global Internet. The new link began appearing in Internet addressing tables on Monday and connects from Star, the [...]

Malware that hit South Korea wasn’t so sophisticated

A cyber attack on three of South Korea’s major broadcasters and several of its major banks appears to have been caused by a relatively unsophisticated piece of software, security researchers said Wednesday. [Story updated, see below] The attacks, which began at around 2pm local time on Wednesday [...]

South Korea hit by coordinated cyber attack

An apparently sophisticated and coordinated cyber attack has caused widespread disruption to computer networks and three of South Koreas largest broadcasters and two of the country’s banks. The attack first showed itself at 2pm on Wednesday when computers at KBS, MBC and YTN shutdown. Upon [...]

Root of Internet outage likely within DPRK, says researcher

Last week’s Internet outage that pushed North Korean websites offline for almost two days was probably caused by a problem inside the country, not on an external connection, an Internet researcher said Monday. “The impacted equipment was within North Korea,” said Doug Madory, a senior research [...]

DPRK’s Internet outage lasted almost two days

The Internet disruption that affected North Korea’s Internet link earlier this week lasted almost two days, an Internet monitoring company said Friday. It began just before 0100 GMT on Wednesday — that’s 10am local time — and continued for much of the next day and a half. It then took several hours [...]
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