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Tom Curley, Kenji Bando

AP expands KRT video deal to high-def

The Associated Press has signed a deal with North Korean state television that gives it exclusive rights to high-definition video of major news events in the country. The deal comes as AP and its biggest competitor, Reuters, race to expand their access to North Korea ahead of the 100th anniversary [...]

KCNA video in demand by foreign agencies

Two recent deals with western news agencies stand to put Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) video in front of millions of viewers. The deals, with The Associated Press and Reuters, give each agency the ability to redistribute KCNA footage to TV stations around the world as part of their video news [...]
Tom Curley, Kim Pyong Ho

AP, Reuters battle for Pyongyang bragging rights

Pyongyang is suddenly the hottest place to have a newsroom. In the space of two weeks, both The Associated Press and Reuters have announced plans to source more content from inside the country. The AP has signed a memorandum of understanding (which typically precedes an official deal) on the [...]
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