North Korean university websites

Kim Il Sung University 🇰🇵 – This is North Korea’s most prestigious seat of higher learning and the first government-run university to launch a website on the global Internet. The site includes a history of the university, areas of study, an outline of some of the research being carried out, the university’s buildings and foreign exchange programs.

Pyongyang University of Science and Technology 🇰🇷 – A South Korean-funded university in Pyongyang. PUST is staffed by foreign professors and educates elite North Korean students in subjects including computer science. Many of the lecturers come from a Christian background although religion is not taught at the school. It was the subject of Kim Suki’s “Without You, There is No Us.”

Korean Association of Social Studies 🇰🇵 – A North Korean association that promotes the study of juche — the theory of self reliance that is one of the founding beliefs of the country’s political system.