North Korean company and business websites

Manmulsang ?? – A commerce website operated by Yonphung Business Information Technology Centre promotes a selection of North Korean products for export. Direct e-commerce isn’t available on the site, which is an overseas version of a site on the domestic intranet.

Korea National Insurance Corporation ?? – North Korea’s state-run insurance company maintains a site with news and reports about the organization. It adds a veneer of legitimacy to an organization that has been accused of running insurance scams and funneling money to the DPRK’s nuclear weapons program.

Taedonggang Patent & Trademark Law Office ?? – A bare bones website for one of North Korea’s several patent law offices. The domain name keeps getting renewed but the site doesn’t appear to have been updated since 2011.

PyongSu Pharma ???? – The company is a joint-venture manufacturing company in the DPRK. It was formed by Hong Kong-based Parazelsus and Pyongyang Pharmaceutical Factory. The site includes an appeal for money to provide medicine for North Korean citizens.

Pyeonghwa Motors ???? – Pyeonghwa Motors is a joint venture between the Unification Church (70 percent) and Ryonbong Corp. (30 percent) and produces cars in North Korea.

Orascom Telecom ?? 오라스콤 – Orascom helped revolutionize North Korean telecommunications as the majority shareholder in 3G network operator Koryolink, but ended up falling out with the government when it wanted to repatriate profits from North Korea to Egypt. A little information about the North Korean operation can be found on its site.

Phoenix Commercial Ventures ???? – A company established by English businessmen that had business interests in North Korea but appears to have withdrawn from the country. Its bank, Daedong Credit Bank, was sanctioned by the U.S. government for “its role in supporting Pyongyang’s weapons of mass destruction program,” it pulled out of electronics company “Hana Electronics” due to “irreconcilable differences” with North Korean management, and sold its share in the Sinji company.

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