North Korean government and NGO websites

DPRK Portal ?? – A portal site listing all sites available on the Internet that are based on servers in Pyongyang. A rudimentary search interface is also available.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs ?? – North Korea’s foreign ministry opened its website in 2017. The ministry is one of the official voices of the country and often issues pronouncements and statements in reaction to international issues. A small archive is available on a pleasing rainbow-colored background. Much of the same content is carried by state news and propaganda outlets.

Maritime Administration of the DPRK ?? – North Korea’s state agency in charge of merchant shipping. It has a look-up function on its web site that lets users probe the national registry of ships and seamen, links to North Korea’s laws of the sea and assorted news items. It’s largely designed to make North Korea’s maritime industry appear normal and above board, hiding that some of the traffic is used for smuggling.

Financial Intelligence Agency  ?? – This spartan website provides information on the government’s financial payments watchdog. It supposedly monitors payments and detects illegal transactions.

Samhung Intellectual Assets Center ?? – A unit of the Education Ministry involved in intellectual property exchange. The site provides details of some North Korean inventions that have been patented overseas and the center’s international activities.

Sports in the DPRK ?? – The website of the national sports organization with information about sporting events taking place in North Korea and the success of North Korean athletes at international events.

Korean Friendship Association ?? – A government-run group that promotes North Korea around the world and tries to soften its image through cultural events and travel. It also carries news from other organizations that have a similar mission.

Korea Federation For Care Of The Aged ?? – A North Korean NGO (as much as anything in North Korea is run aside from the state) that has a mission to “ensure cultured and fulfilling life for the aged people to be healthy mentally and physically and lead a worthwhile life.” The site includes a list of donations received from overseas.

Korea Education Fund ?? – Another NGO that solicits donations of cash, food and goods from overseas. KEF says its mission is  to “contribute to quality of education by coordinating and increasing financial and material support from donors.”

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