North Korean news and media websites

Korean Central News Agency ?? – The Internet outlet for North Korea’s sole news agency. KCNA is one of the pillars of North Korea’s propaganda operation and the website hosts stories in Korean, English, Spanish and Japanese. You’ll also find photos and video. The search engine is a little clunky and the archive doesn’t go back far.

Korea News Service ?? – This site is run by the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan and can only be accessed from Japanese Internet connections. It carries KCNA news articles in Korean and English, usually later than the Pyongyang-based site, but it has one significant feature: an archive stretching back 17 years. If you need access from outside Japan, use a VPN.

Rodong Sinmun ?? – The Rodong Sinmun is North Korea’s most important daily newspaper and is published by the Central Committee of the Worker’s Party of Korea. It usually runs to 8 color pages, with additional pages on important national days, and carries much the same news as KCNA, although there’s often additional local news items and photographs that didn’t appear on the KCNA website. A PDF version is also available, so you can see the same-day edition of the paper.

Minju Choson ??Minju Choson is the official newspaper of North Korea’s cabinet and the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly. As such, it has a heavier focus on governmental affairs, laws and regulations than the Rodong Sinmun. It also carries commentaries that are sometimes critical of foreign nations. It is considered the second most important newspaper in the country.

Naenara ?? – Naenara is a multi-lingual website from Pyongyang’s Korea Computer Center. The news section is centered around several periodicals: The Pyongyang Times newspaper, Korea magazine, Korea Today magazine and Foreign Trade magazine. It is also one of several places that carries KCNA news, although other sites are faster. Pages are available in English, Korea, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Uriminzokkiri ?? – This site is a Korean-language news and information portal based in China with content from official news sources in the DPRK. It also produces its own content, most notably video clips that attack the U.S., South Korea and Japan. From its base in Shenyang, China, it also maintains several social media accounts.

DPRK Today ?? – North Korean news, photos and videos available in Korean, English, Russian and Chinese. DPRK Today is becoming a closely-watched site because it carries news snippets not seen elsewhere. Like Urimonzokkiri, it runs a series of social media channels too. It even has a mobile site.

Voice of Korea ?? – The Voice of Korea is the DPRK’s international shortwave radio broadcaster. It broadcasts in 9 languages, and the site is available in each of those languages: Korean, German, Russian, Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Japanese. The site consists mainly of audio clips from programs and will give you a feel in your language of the DPRK’s propaganda.

The Pyongyang Times ?? – North Korea’s only English-language newspaper and a staple of Air Koryo flights to the country. The news isn’t much different from other state media sources but the website, launched in September 2017, provides a fresh face to what is a fairly dry printed newspaper. Stories were previously hosted on the Naenara website until this site launched.

Grand National Unity ?? – The website of thePyongyang Broadcasting Station, North Korea’s Korean-language radio station aimed at audiences in South Korea, Japan and China.

Ryugyong Programming Center ?? – This website services photos and video of events happening in the DPRK.

Choson Sinbo ?? – A Korean-language newspaper published in Japan by the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan. It deals with some news from North Korea and other stories related to the Korean community in Japan. Back issues of the discontinued English-language Korea News are also available.

Pyongyang News ?? – Korean-language news site with bulletins from DPRK-based sources.

Minjok Tongshin ?? – Korean and English-language news about North Korea. English articles are mostly culled from other media.

DPRK Media?? – A Japan-based provider of news databases of official North Korean media. The service is available in Korean only and has one of the biggest collections available online of North Korean media. Access is offered through some libraries.

KCNA Watch ?? – An offsite of NK News that offers access to years of KCNA wire copy and PDFs of recent newspapers and magazines all scraped from the web. Recent articles are free and the rest is offered on a subscription basis.

NK News ?? – Seoul-based specialist site that covers North Korea very closely. NK News is subscription based but offers a limited number of articles free per month.

DPRK 360 ?? – Singapore-based blog of photographer Aram Pan. He has visited the DPRK numerous times, each time taking a high-resolution camera or 360-degree camera. The results are some fascinating ‘slice of life’ shots of modern Pyongyang.

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