North Korean travel and tourism websites

National Tourism Administration ?? – A PR website from the country’s tourism agency. Like many North Korean sites it looks relatively old-fashioned and is multilingual: available in Korean, English, Chinese, Russian and Japanese. The contents introduce the reader to different aspects of tourism in North Korea, introduce air and train routes to the country, information on how to get around Pyongyang and the different tour packages available. There are also sections on different cities across the country.

Air Koryo ?? – The main website of North Korea’s state airline. It carries flight schedules and service details, but all tourists should book through tour agencies.

Korea International Youth and Children’s Travel Company ?? – A travel company specializing in trips for school children, although I suspect they don’t get much call for the trips. It claims to work with travel companies in other countries to organize trips and, like other North Korean websites, anecdotes about Kim Il Sung’s life make up part of the content.

Wonsan Air Festival ?? – A website for the September 2017 air show in Wonsan. North Korea has realized there is money to be made in attracting aviation enthusiasts to come tour the country and see its aging airlines and fighter jets. This is the “official” website and is run by U.K.-based Juche Travel Services.

Pyongyang International Film Festival ?? – This is the official website for Pyongyang’s annual film festival that usually takes place in the autumn. The site is run by Koryo Tours as the event’s main travel partner.

Pyongyang Marathon ?? – The English-language website of the annual Pyongyang marathon. The next running will be on April 8, 2018, and this site is operated by Beijing-based Koryo Tours.

US State Department Travel Advisory ?? – The U.S. Department of State warning to its citizens on traveling to North Korea.

Koryo Tours ?? – Beijing based travel agency that specializes in trips to North Korea. Widely regarded as one of the leading agencies for foreign tourists.

Intakt Reisen ?? – A German travel agency offering tours to North Korea.

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