North Korean university and education websites

Kim Il Sung University  김일성종합대학 ?? – This is North Korea’s most prestigious seat of higher learning and the first government-run university to launch a website on the global Internet. The site includes a history of the university, areas of study, an outline of some of the research being carried out, the university’s buildings and foreign exchange programs.

Kim Chaek University of Technology  김책공업종합대학 ?? – North Korea’s top technology university. KUT is a destination university, along with Kim Il Sung University, for the country’s top computer scientists. Its large faculty is credited with numerous inventions and it maintains details of some international cooperation programs on the web site.

Mirae ?? – This site from North Korea’s National Science and Technology Council introduces relevant information from the country’s scitech sector.

Pyongyang University of Science and Technology  평양과학기술대학 – A South Korean-funded university in Pyongyang. PUST is staffed by foreign professors and educates elite North Korean students in subjects including computer science. Many of the lecturers come from a Christian background although religion is not taught at the school. It was the subject of Kim Suki’s “Without You, There is No Us.”

Korean Association of Social Studies  조선사회과학자협회 ?? – A North Korean association that promotes the study of juche — the theory of self reliance that is one of the founding beliefs of the country’s political system.

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