Korean Central News Agency

Site Name: Korean Central News Agency

Site address: http://www.kcna.kp

Organization: Korean Central News Agency

Site host: The site is hosted inside the DPRK’s IP address space by Star JV

Domain registration: No details available.

Site Contents: The Korean Central News Agency is the main, state-run news organization. It is responsible for all news in North Korea and also distributes photos. The content is available in Korean, English, Spanish and Japanese. From Jan. 1, 2011, the site also began offering video.

It is the second KCNA website available after a Tokyo-based site, but this site generally provides news first. It additionally carries KCNA photos, which are not available on the Japanese website.

History: The site appeared in early October and was the first to be found in North Korea’s new IP address space. It was renewed in early December to include Korean-language news. On Jan. 12, 2011, it became available via the star.edu.kp domain name. It had previously been accessible via an IP address only. On Jan. 21 its IP address changed and the Star.edu.kp domain name stopped working. The following day it launched it kcna.kp address.

Last update: April 16, 2011

11 Comments on "Korean Central News Agency"

  1. .KP in use at last!

    The good news: It has a search engine.
    The bad news: Maximum 10 characters!

    The result: Serious searchers still have to resort to the
    irreverent but indispensable nk-news.net

    Happy new rabbit!

    Aidan FC

  2. i wonder how long this will last, considerably the power swap

  3. there are many fake korean news websites .these are against north korea and give false news. please give attention toward these.

  4. I understand tension are high with the US and your country North Korea. Please have some patience with us and consider peace so that the world can integrate your scope of reasoning fairly. We are all of the same mother earth and are bonded with nature so do not let a misunderstanding of philosophy deter cooperation. I need time to live so I can resolve the differences that beset all of us as 1 (one). Look into your heart and you will see that we all want the same recognition for our space in time so look in our direction with an open mind and we will give our consideration for your emotional needs of identification. Don’t be misguided by a grudge for us because we don’t feel that way for you in America.

  5. We must all be willing to be trained to adopt beliefs. The Jews were not willing to be trained and that’s why they killed Christ. Show your humanity to the world. We admire that. All must be forgiven on both sides so we will live in peace. I wish your country success DPRK.

  6. FREEDOM is available to you! Kim Jon Un is NOT the “supreme leader”! YOU are!

  7. I have an unlicensed copy of the interview and going to show it to everyone on Christmas day as well as team America so suck it north korea, it will still be shown to a lot of people and will distribute this so that every one can watch it fuck all of you and suck it.

  8. I do feel sorry for North Korea’s people. Their leader is egotistical, arrogant & narssisstic. He doesn’t care for his own people, only of himself and how he looks as someone who runs a country based on the fact he was born into it.

    If the people of North Korea were able to be free, elections would eliminate this jerk from leadership.

    His rants about attacking the United States is only talk. What the U.S. should to is destroy the government Infrastructure so there would be no way of leadership and then the people would come forth and take over.

    OR…..someone would step up and eliminate Kim Jong Un on their own. This person would become a hero!

  9. This web site attempts to infect your computer with the “Fake Flash Update Download 2” virus.

  10. Found this. It appears to be the server for the news agency.

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