Voice of Korea gets an e-mail address

Voice of Korea, the DPRK’s international shortwave radio service, has started telling its listeners it has an email address.

The radio station opened a web site more than a year ago but never advertised an email address and continued to ask listeners to send messages via postal mail.

Now it says it is accepting emails at [email protected], according to Arnulf Piontek in Berlin, who supplied a copy of the letter (below).

It says, “The address will help further developing the friendly relations between our broadcast and listeners.”

I tried sending an email to the address but it bounced back with an error “Unknown address error 501-‘5.7.1 Inter-Address is not match.”

The address is similar to others used by organizations in Pyongyang so the error likely means the account hasn’t been set up yet by Star JV, North Korea’s Internet provider.

In the letter, the Voice of Korea asked listeners to send “English or French books or CD medias about internet, afforestation, urbanism, laughing stories (humor novels), world-famous men and women stories, and technology will be strongly appreciated.”

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  1. I am from vancouver,canada and i believe the main problem on the korean peninsula is the presence of U.S. troops there. It is preventing the unification of the country.
    I don’t believe anything that the U.S. gov.says about the DPRK.I think that the latest news about the human rights abuses in the DPRK is a slander.
    Also i wanted to comment on the container Ship that was held by the gov. of panama that was on its way to cuba.I blames this on the U.S. gov.The gov. of panama is a lackey of the usa and should be condemned for this act of piracy.The capitan and the other two officers of this ship should be released immediately. They did nothing wrong.It is the gov. of panama that is in the wrong.Here in canada and the usa the people are getting lies and slander about the DPRK.

  2. north korea is a beautiful country..unfortunately it is also a dictatorship under the guise of the workers party..i am a left wing socialist and find north korea ten times worse then americans. they need to rise up..and workers bare arms to take down their facsist government who pretend to be the workers party

  3. Tom hunt | May 4, 2014 at 00:34 |

    I think North Korea is full of crap when it comes to comments on civil rights of the US. North Korea kills people left and right, hold folks against their will and starved people to death. The Canadian that doesn’t trust the US stay away from the US and enjoy your socialist country. We have a country where we can live our dream, have free speech and make a living the way we want to! Go live In North Korea and you will see the truth. The president of NK is nuts!

  4. North Korea leader Kim Jong-un is a tyrant. This man won’t people to worship him like a God and is nothing of the sort. He is a man that can die like any other. Their is a true and living God that is greater than any and he is the one to serve. God is the God of the universe. This Kim Jong-un is like a kid with a temper tantrum, he execute people in his country for anything. He will execute just because he doesn’t like your ideal. He mistreat his people and expect people to worship him. He is out of his mind. He doesn’t know to have people serve you out of fear and dictatorship is not leadership at all but the sign of a foolish leader. To have people serve you and follow you out of respect, integrity and admiration is the attributes of a Great Leader.

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