Hacker publishes North Korean website hit list

An unidentified Internet user posting under the name of the Anonymous hacking collective has published a “hit list” of North Korean websites.

The list is said to be related to a coordinated attack that hackers appear to be planning for June 25. The action is part of “OpNorthKorea,” which previously took sites in North Korea and China offline in a series of distributed denial of service attacks.

130505-anonymousThe message appears to have been translated from another language, probably Korean, into English and includes sites based in China, Japan, the U.S., Spain and a single website in Pyongyang.

The source of the list is unclear but it’s somewhat out of date. Some of the addresses on the list were previously used by North Korean-related websites, but are no longer active.

One of the sites listed, DKLotto.com, was an Internet-based lottery site run by a North Korean group in China but hasn’t been online since almost ten years ago. The address appears to have been picked up by a Japanese spam site related to credit card payments.

It’s unclear what will happen on June 25, but it appears at least some hackers will target North Korean websites. Other lists making the rounds on the Internet are based on the North Korean Website List on this site, which is more up to date.

Here are the sites from the list:

  • 구국전선 (http://www.ndfsk.dyndns.org/)
  • 내나라 (http://www.kcckp.net/ko/, http://www.naenara.kp/ko/)
  • 려명 (http://www.ryomyong.com)
  • 모악산 (http://www.moaksan.net)
  • 민족사랑의 장소 (http://www.krsrt.com)
  • 민족통신 (http://www.minjok.com)
  • 범민련공동사무국 (http://www.bommin.net)
  • 실리 은행 (http://www.silibank.com)
  • 우리 민족끼리 (http://www.uriminzokkiri.com)
  • 자주 평화 민족대단결 (http://www.members.fortunecity.com/ym2)
  • 재미동포 전국 연합회 (http://www.kancc.org)
  • 재일본조선인총연합회(일본) (http://www.chongryon.com)
  • 재일한국민주통일연합 (http://www.korea-htr.com/chuo)
  • 조국 평화 통일 협회 (http://www.jpth.net)
  • 조국 통일 21 (http://www.tongil21.com)
  • 조선 우표(중국) (http://www.dprk-stamp.com)
  • 조선 음악 (http://www.big.or.jp/~jrldr/)
  • 조선 출판물 (http://www.dprk-book.com)
  • 조선복권 (http://www.dklotto.com)
  • 조선신보(일본) (http://www.korea-np.co.jp)
  • 조선의 노래 (http://www.dprkoreamusic.com)
  • 조선인포메이션뱅크 (http://www.dprkorea.com)
  • 조선중앙통신사(일본) (http://www.kcna.co.jp)
  • 코리아 네트워크 (http://www.worldcorea.net)
  • 코리아 북 센터(일본) (http://www.krbook.net)
  • 통일아리랑 (http://www.arirang.dprkorea.com)
  • 통일학연 연구소 (http://www.onekorea.org)
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