South Korean Defense Ministry’s radio station off air


A radio transmitting station in Seoul. File photo.

MND Radio, a shortwave radio station run by South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense, appears to have left the air.

The station was last heard broadcasting on October 31st. Since then, it hasn’t been detected by radio monitors in East Asia or further afield.

MND Radio first appeared in late 2011 and broadcast a handful a hour-long programs several times a day.

The station name, the organization behind it or any other details were ever announced on air, but details leaked through documents submitted to an international shortwave broadcasting coordination body.

Aside from the obvious similarity between the name “MND” and the abbreviation for the Ministry of National Defense, the contact phone number and fax number listed were both on South Korean Defense Ministry exchanges.

Just as it had never acknowledged the station, the Defense Ministry hasn’t acknowledged its apparent ending.

The South Korean government still runs two other shortwave stations: Voice of the People and Echo of Hope. The South Korean military also runs an FM radio station.

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