Faster Korea

Site Name: Faster Korea

Site address:

Organization: Korean Sports Fun

Site host: The site is hosted inside the DPRK’s IP address space by Star JV

Domain registration: No details available.

Site Contents: The site contains information about North Korea’s international sports programs. It’s a completely new and updated version of a site by the same name that used to reside on a subdirectory on the Naenara site.  Content is available in Korean, English and Chinese.

Last update: November 5, 2012

3 Comments on "Faster Korea"

  1. Best Site in the most free Country in the World.
    We love you. We live in Canada and we want to visit 북한 as soon as possible. Hopfully you will never stop rising.
    Love from your biggest Fans.

  2. Website unavailable

  3. Lokks like this website ins’t working anymore :/

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