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Site Name: Mansudae Art Studio Gallery

Site address:

Organization: Mansudae Art Studio Gallery

Site host: NGI, Milan, Italy

Domain registration: Registered to Petra SRL in Padova, Italy

Site Contents: Italian-based international agents for the Mansudae Art Studio. Art works can be bought online and shipped worldwide from Italy.


Last update: Dec. 14, 2010

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  1. The Mansudae Art gallery site cannot be acessed for enquireys. Each time I try to submit the form it says that the postcode section needs to be filled in correctly. Yet even when I do this the enquirey will still not send.

    I am trying to find the cost to send to UK of each of these artworks;
    1) Untitled (Korean painting)
    2) The lost fishery (woodcut)
    3) Smelter (woodcut)

    Can you help?


    Paul Heaton

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