Site Name: Naenara (literally: “my country”)

Site address:

Organization: Korea Computer Center

Site host: The site is hosted inside the DPRK’s IP address space by Star JV

Domain registration: No details available.

Site Contents: Naenara is a multi-lingual website from Pyongyang’s Korea Computer Center. The news section is centered around several periodicals: The Pyongyang Times newspaper, Korea magazine, Korea Today magazine and Foreign Trade magazine. It is also one of several places that carries KCNA news, although other sites are faster.

The site also includes information about the KCC and an online shop where things like MP3 recordings and ring tones are available.

Pages are available in English, Korea, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

History: The site was formerly run from a server in Germany as part of the KCC Europe venture. The site went offline in mid-2010 at the same time as the KP domain name servers left the Internet. It returned in November 2010 in the DPRK’s own IP address space. For two months until early January 2011, the site was only accessible via an IP address, In early January the Dot-KP infrastructure was revived and it became available via a North Korean domain name.

Last update: March 12, 2012

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  1. This website actually published a comprehensive set of photos taken of Kim Jong-il across the border after the first of his two trips to China in 2010. I copied many of the photos and was able to identify Kim Jong-il’s elite bodyguard; pointing him out on my Facebook page. (Confucius Confucius)
    The entire set of photos was deleted from Naenara soon afterward, but I still have the best ones in my computer!
    After Kim Jong-il’s second trip to China last year Naenara decided not to post a photo album of Kim’s entourage in China, probably because his son Kim Jong-un was rumored to be with him during that trip.

  2. hello

    this email may surprise you. my name is Richard Steven Pavelec (an American “music-producer & performer” in the USA):

    i wish to talk to an official of the DPRK “music & fine-arts” ministry (if there is such an official). however, i do not know where to find a best email address for this.

    i have a written idea to visit NK and collaborate with famed Sohaegeum (musical instrument) for a concert & recording in North Korea. this might be a very popular event for DPRK media.

    is there anyone i may share email with on this (or is it not proper to investigate)?

    thank you if someone can respond to this message. i have a detailed/written proposal ready to explain.

    best regards,

    Richard Steven Pavelec

  3. That screen shot is out of date

  4. j.jude jackson | February 2, 2016 at 21:03 | Reply

    naenara is a super browser

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