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Pyongyang denies GPS jamming

North Korea denied on Friday that it played any part in a two and a half week long jamming of Global Positioning System (GPS) signals in the border area between North and South Korea. The denial was carried in several state media outlets and said allegations that the DPRK was behind the jamming [...]
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GPS jamming ends, says report

The apparent intentional jamming of Global Positioning System (GPS) signals that has disrupted service near the Korean border has stopped, Yonhap news reported on Tuesday. The jamming has caused inconvenience to hundreds of commercial aviation flights and international shipping since it began on [...]
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DPRK jamming GPS signals, says Seoul

Interference is causing problems with Global Positioning System (GPS) signals around Seoul and the South Korean government says North Korea is to blame. GPS signals became unreliable on April 30 and more than 250 commercial aircraft has to rely on other navigation methods, according to several [...]
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Report: Stronger GPS jammer developed

North Korea has developed a powerful jammer that can disrupt GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite signals over a range of “more than 100 kilometers,” according to a South Korean government report, Yonhap News said Tuesday. News of the jamming equipment was included in a report submitted to [...]
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Report: DPRK again jams GPS signals

North Korea attempted to jam GPS (global positioning system) satellite navigation signals in South Korea on Friday afternoon, according to a Yonhap News report that cited an unnamed South Korean defense official. Jamming is the act of broadcasting a signal on the same channel as the intended target [...]

North Korea Appears Capable of Jamming GPS Receivers

The Voice of America has an interesting story on the jamming of GPS signals along the border region. The jamming signals are apparently from North Korea and rendered GPS systems in the region unusable. This week, the South Korea Communications Commission informed lawmakers that between August 23 [...]
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