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A portion of a proposal from the Pyongyang Kwangmyong IT Corp. presented to Russia's APKIT. (Photo: North Korea Tech)

North Korea proposes expanding work with Russian IT companies

A North Korean state IT company has approached Russia’s Information and Computer Technologies Industry Association (APKIT) proposing a greater working relationship with Russian IT companies. The country apparently wants to win business from Russian companies and the Pyongyang Kwangmyong IT [...]

Exclusive: Nosotek website hacked

The website of Nosotek, the foreign-North Korean software programming joint venture, has been hacked. The site was hit sometime late Sunday or early Monday and its front page was replaced with a message in French, English and Korean attacking North Korea. [This story has been updated. Please see [...]

Nosotek’s News Corp. link

Bloomberg has a well-researched piece on Nosotek, the North Korean computer programming joint-venture that’s been busy developing mobile games. I spoke to the company back in June when I was writing “The world’s most unusual outsourcing destination” and at the time found a single Nosotek game: [...]

Software outsourcing in North Korea

North Korea has been quietly building up its IT industry and a handful of companies are looking overseas for business. (more…)
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