2 Comments on "Radio Wars across the 38th parallel"

  1. I feel that, instead of sending physical radios which can undoubtedly be identified by North Korean officials, send information on how to fix their already-approved radios. I’m not knowledgable about the availability of soldering irons or electronic components, but I’m sure that if people outside the DPRK were able to figure out just what modifications were made to N.K.’s radios, it shouldn’t be too hard to reverse or re-mod.

    If they’ve been sending baloons with radios within, they should instead send schematics and instructions on how to mod their radios to receive outside transmissions. This way the knowledge of happenings in the outside world doesn’t disappear with a physical object.

  2. by doing so u risk that they confiscate all radios in the country… and they will not sell new ones….

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