More anti-Lee vitriol, and a song

The North Korean media spent a second day on Tuesday heaping harsh criticism on South Korean president Lee Myung Bak and issuing threats against him and others.

On Monday, the country’s official media carried a statement attributed to the “Special Operation Action Team of the Supreme Command of the Korean People’s Army” that threatened to “burn down” Lee Myung Bak and the country’s conservative media “within three to four minutes, or shorter than that, by unprecedented means.”

Official news agency KCNA carried a number of cartoons depicting Lee as a rat (the theme repeatedly used in the current propaganda action) being captured and on the verge of death. Contained in a dedicated section on its website, the eight cartoons included one (right) that showed Lee caught in a noose being dragged by a truck.

Anti-Lee messages a common in the North Korean media, where he and his ministers are normally referred to as “traitors,” but the current round of reports, cartoons and TV reports is considerably harsher than normal.

Here’s some of the text from the English version of the caption for the cartoon:

With his two legs propped up, he is making last-ditch efforts with sweats, snivels and tears all over his face. But the noose is tightening around his neck.

Being in a cauldron of boiling oil in the Hell would not be as painful as this.

The spark for this appears to have been several speeches given by Lee last week, in which was briefed on South Korean missiles and called for Pyongyang to improve its human rights situation.

On the Voice of Korea, the DPRK’s international radio service, the harsh words continued:

“Lee Myung Bak and his clan invite punishment”


There’s also a song. Introduced by Voice of Korea in a completely dead-pan manner, “Please enjoy a male chorus, All of us will become human rifles and bombs.”


Enjoy indeed.

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