Latest VOK broadcast on nuclear test

vok-logoA day after North Korea conducted its third nuclear test, the test was again in the news on Voice of Korea, North Korea’s international shortwave radio station, but it was far from the top story.

The lead item was a booklet published in Mongolia.

“Respected Kim Jong Un’s famous work, the great Kim Il Sung is the eternal leader of our party and our people was published in a booklet in Mongolia,” the announcer read out.

The nuclear test didn’t come until much later in the newscast, following items about an article about Kim Jong Un on a pro-North Korean website in the U.K., news of Koreans in Japan, various statements published on North Korean issues and other news.

If you want a small taste in English of the state media output and message presented to North Koreans everyday, there are few better places to turn than Voice of Korea. It combines the news that can be found on the Internet with the type of music and interlude programs typically presented on domestic radio.

Here’s the Wednesday news broadcast. Reception was particularly favorable today, so I’m uploading the entire news bulletin from the 1500 UTC broadcast to North America.

A news item on the nuclear test, transcribed below, can be heard at the 4:45 point. There’s also a statement from the Foreign Ministry at the 6:30 point and the read-out of a Rodung Sinmun commentary at the 9:10 point.


“Korean army and people feel a great national honor after hearing the exciting news that the third underground nuclear test was a success. Chek Gyung Yong (?), first vice president of the supreme court,  Sang Chol Ho (?), officer of the Korean Peoples’ Army, and Chaek Yong Se (?), head of the workshop of the Pyongyang Rubber Factory, said the successful underground nuclear test is a great demonstration of the might of Songun Korea and described it as an historic event which gave double strength and courage to all the army and people and dealt a strong blow at the United States and its fellows running amok to suffocate the DPRK. They stressed that they would never pardon the moves of the hostile forces to stifle their socialist fatherland.”

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