Voice of Korea website due Friday

North Korea’s international broadcasting service, The Voice of Korea, will launch a website on Friday, according to a domestic radio report transcribed by BBC Monitoring. (The site has launched a day early. See below for update.)

The site is due to open on Friday, which is Kim Il Sung’s birthday, and will be available at http://www.vok.rep.kp .

The report didn’t detail what the website would carry, but judging from comments and emails I receive concerning the frequency schedule, daily recordings of the station’s programming would be appreciated by its listeners. The shortwave signal is sometimes difficult to hear.

Voice of Korea broadcasts in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. It also relays programs from the Pyongyang Broadcasting Station, which is aimed at Koreans in nearby countries, and the domestic Korea Central Broadcasting Station.

The upcoming launch of the site could explain the current absence of many North Korean websites. They’ve been dropping off the Internet this week, and that could mean engineers are reorganizing servers in preparation for the launch.

North Korea often uses national holidays to launch websites.

(Thanks to reader Tobias Dondelinger for pointing me to the report on Radio Netherlands’ Media Network.)

Update 1: The site appeared on Thursday afternoon, although doesn’t appear to be quite ready yet. It has audio news files posted as AAC audio clips, but I had trouble getting any to play. I suspect they are still uploading content to the server.

Users can download the same HMS Player that is in use on the KCNA site. If you’d rather not do that, I’ll post a work-around as soon as I confirm it.

All nine language services have a page. The English service page includes news, songs, and programs.

I’ll post a fuller report later tonight or tomorrow, but here’s what it looks like:

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  1. many thanks! the sites are back up now.

  2. When I go to the site I see the Naenara page?

  3. @ gerben: same here. I hope the VOK website will be up again soon! I want to hear more DPRK music 🙂

  4. Martyn Williams | April 14, 2011 at 20:39 |

    I caught the Naenara page this morning, but I got the Voice of Korea page later, as you can see. I guess I was lucky.

    It should be online tomorrow, if all goes according to plant.

  5. Ok that’s good. 🙂

  6. I can’t seem to open the audio files.. I get a window saying that Firefox can’t open kms:// thingies. And Internet Explorer just says “the page cannot be found”.

    Anyone else got this problem?

  7. Never mind, I hadn’t installed that media player 🙂

    Nice music, hopefully they’ll upload more soon.

  8. I have downloaded the HMS Player, now it does not work and I cannot hear anything from Voice of Korea from the website. Is anyone having any similar problem? Is there any other player that can be used to play this content. Hope someone can help.

  9. I’m using Ubuntu GNU/Linux, any ideas on how I can get it to play?

  10. This is reporting VOK broadcast as follows:
    Date: 2 May 2013
    Time: 1505-1550 UTC
    Frequency: 11680 kHz
    QTH: Urban (106:46E 06:23S), about 30 km south of Jakarta, Indonesia
    Receiver: SONY ICF-SW7600GR
    Antenna: 20 m long wire antenna
    SINPO: 54433
    Program heard: non stop music, song, and chorus. I have a 5 minutes recording of this broadcast, made starting from 1545 UTC as .mp4 sound file which I would like to send to your email address. Please inform me to which address I should have to send that file.
    Kindly also let me have your highly appreciated verification on this report, either by return email or by regular mail sent to –
    Tony Ashar
    Perumahan BDN C3/3
    Depok 16434
    Thank you very much for your kind attention.

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