Hackers leak more user details

101205-minjokA fresh batch of user names and personal details of people subscribing to North Korean-related websites has been published by hackers. They are the result of weekend attacks on the websites minjok.com and paekdu-hanna.com, two U.S.-based websites.

Links to the information were posted on Twitter by accounts associated with the loosely coordinated hacker group “Anonymous.” The group previously claimed credit for the attacks.

Minjok.com is the site of Minjok Tongshin, which carries Korean and English-language news about North Korea. The English articles are mostly culled from other media. Paekdu-hanna is an associated site that appears to be run by the same group.

Of the two databases, the one for Paekdu Hanna is the largest at around 80 users. There are just 17 account details for Minjok.com.

Just about all of the accounts are from web-based mail service provides like Hotmail, Gmail, Hanmail, Daum and Naver. They include names, birthdates and, in some cases, additional information such as the Internet address used for the last login.

None of the accounts list an address in North Korea’s assigned IP space.

At around 100 users in total, the details are a fraction of those previously released by hackers for Uriminzokkiri.com, the China-based propaganda site with close ties to Pyongyang. When that was attacked, hackers managed to obtain details on roughly 15,000 users.

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