North Korea’s Android-based Achim tablet on video

North Korea’s Achim (Morning) tablet PC will soon become a year old. The tablet, which runs the Android operating system, was first unveiled in July 2012 as a computer to help education.

It was the second tablet PC unveiled by the country. The first came from the Korea Computer Center and a third, called Samjiyon, was unveiled later in the year.

Since it has appeared, the DPRK’s state media has carried several stories about the success of the Achim tablet PC in the teaching and learning markets. It’s said to contain reference books, foreign-language dictionaries and scientific data. KCNA reported it weighs about 300 grams and has a battery life of about 5 hours.

The computer is made by Achim Panda, a joint venture between China’s Panda Electronics Group. and the DPRK’s Ministry of Electronics Industry.

Recently, a Japan-based site with close ties to North Korea published a video extolling the virtues of the computer for students. Here’s a subtitled version:

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