The Korean People’s Army statement issued through KCNA on Thursday threatening nuclear weapons use in retaliation for any U.S. attack was repeated on the Voice of Korea shortwave radio program of the DPRK the same day, but it didn’t rank anywhere near the top news of the day.

Leading off the English-language newscast was details of the plenary meeting of the central committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea. The news then progressed to a number of new laws passed by the Supreme People’s Assembly. Item five on the nuclear weapons law might be of interest to some.

The army statement came eleventh in the news cast.

I don’t normally put all these news reports on the site, but as reception was so good today and everyone is focused on the DPRK, I thought it might be useful or interesting for people to hear all of the news reported.

Here’s a look at what the country decided to send to the world through Voice of Korea’s broadcast for April 4, 2013. If you want to try and catch these broadcasts yourself, you’ll need a shortwave radio, the schedule published earlier this week, and the luck of good radio propagation from the DPRK to your house.

1) Report of Kim Jong Un at March 2013 Plenary Meeting of CC of WPK

2) Concluding speech of Kim Jong Un at March 2013 Plenary Meeting of WPK CC

3) Law on amending and supplementing some contents of DPRK Socialist Constitution

4) DPRK Law on Kumsusan Palace of Sun adopted

5) Law on consolidating position of nuclear weapons state adopted

6) DPRK Law on Developing Space adopted

7) DPRK SPA decides to set up State Space Development Bureau

8) Work of Kim Jong Un published in Pakistan and Peru

9) Revolutionary activities of Kim Jong Un reported abroad

10) Korean artistes in Japan pay homage to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il

11) US warned to ponder over grave situation

12) Collection of reminiscences “Among the People” Vol. 101 published

13) Sports games for Mangyongdae Prize open

14) Army-people rallies held in different provinces of Korea

15) Conference of Journalists Union of Korea held

16) Birthday feast spread sent to a centenarian

17) Delegation of Mongolian Institute for Strategic Studies here

18) US plot to provoke nuclear war denounced

19) US biochemical war moves denounced

20) Koreans in China denounce US and south Korean traitors for their war moves

21) March 2013 Plenary Meeting of WPK CC reported abroad

22) Statement of KPA Supreme Command reported abroad