Voice of Korea on Yeonpyeong shelling

The Voice of Korea, the DPRK’s international shortwave radio service, broadcast on Nov. 24 its first report in English on the shelling of Yeonpyeong island.

The shelling occurred on the afternoon of Nov. 23 and the radio report comes 24 hours after a similar report was carried in English on the Korea Central News Agency wire.

The lateness of the report highlights the Voice of Korea’s rigid daily programming, which changes only once per day.

The report is very similar to the KCNA bulletin, although there are differences. It’s either been rewritten for radio delivery or been translated from the original Korean by a different person. If the latter was true, I’d expect to see greater differences so my guess is the former.

I’ve posted it to YouTube with English subtitles to make it easier to follow along. The audio can be a little difficult to understand in places. For reference, the KCNA story is available at this link (except in South Korea, where it’s blocked.)

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  1. That is what North Korea says about the latest incident.

    Here is an objective view on North Korea.

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  3. 김정일 김정은아 전세계에 구걸하지 말고
    가진거나 좀 인민들한테 풀지 그러냐..
    무댓뽀 양아치국가 DPRK

  4. Long Live the great leader and Long Live the Dear Leader.
    I Love Kim Jong Il as he is Great.
    North Korea is Great from the People of Scotland.

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