Voice of Korea’s shortwave broadcasts now on-demand

130528-wrn-logoThe daily English-language broadcast from North Korea’s international radio station, Voice of Korea, is now available on the Internet.

The programme is being carried by World Radio Network, a London-based organization that rebroadcasts material from international radio stations on its own satellite channels and via FM relays in several countries.

Most of the WRN programming is received in studio quality via satellite or Internet, but the Voice of Korea programs are a recording from the shortwave broadcasts.

That means they come with all the atmospheric interference and fading that is typical of shortwave.

For the daily news, the audio clips on the Voice of Korea website are better quality, but the WRN recordings are of the full 57-minute broadcast, and include the music and other features that make up the daily programme. These aren’t available via the Voice of Korea website. WRN offers only the English programme.

If you don’t have a shortwave radio, or are fed up with transmissions at inconvenient times of day, check out the on-demand recording broadcasts.

WRN says it’s providing the broadcasts as a public service and is looking at the possibility of using the high-quality stream that’s carried alongside North Korean television on the Thaicom 5 satellite.

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