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Women carry a Panasonic rice cooker at the Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair 2014 (Photo: North Korea Tech/Aram Pan)

Another look at the Spring Trade Fair

When he wasn’t taking stunning panorama photographs around Pyongyang, Singapore-based photographer Aram Pan had time to visit this year’s Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair (평양봄철국제상품전람회). The fair was twice as big this year as it had been in 2013 according to state media, and it’s easy [...]
Rodong Sinmun coverage of the 17th Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair

Spring International Trade Fair doubles in size

The 17th annual Pyongyang’s Spring International Trade Fair (평양봄철국제상품전람회) was held last week and attracted around 300 companies, according to domestic media reports. The 2014 fair appears to have significantly grown in size from 140 companies in 2013 and for the first time occupied two halls at the [...]

Autumn trade fair begins in Pyongyang

The second of Pyongyang’s two annual international trade fairs opened on Monday. The Pyongyang Autumn International Trade Fair is scheduled to run until Thursday and has attracted companies from Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Italy, China, Cuba, Turkey and Taiwan, according to the [...]
Inside the 16th Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair

Spring Trade Fair wraps up

The 16th Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair wrapped up at the end of last week. I‘ve taken a look through some of the footage from Korean national television and KCNA and spotted a few companies that were exhibiting. At last year’s trade fair, the Korea Computer Center debuted a new tablet [...]

Spring International Trade Fair set for next week

Pyongyang’s Spring International Trade Fair is due to open next week, the state-run Korea Central News Agency reported Monday. This year’s event will run from May 13 to 16 and will bring together companies from Germany, Malaysia, Mongolia, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, Italy, Indonesia, China, [...]

More from the Pyongyang trade fair

Earlier I wrote about a new Android tablet computer called Samjiyon that was on show at the 8th Pyongyang Autumn International Trade Fair. Some of the images came from a KCNA video that also included some other highlights from the fair, including other pieces of technology. The fair lasted from [...]

Samjiyon Android tablet debuts at Pyongyang trade fair

A North Korean company says it has developed a tablet computer based on Google’s Android operating system, according to reports from the 8th Pyongyang Autumn International Trade Fair currently taking place. There’s little actual information on the tablet computer, which was shown in photo coverage [...]

KCC shows tablet PC at Pyongyang trade fair

The Korea Computer Center, one of North Korea’s leading centers of computer studies, showed off a tablet PC running electronic library software at the recent Pyongyang International Trade Fair. The trade fair, which happens in the spring and autumn each year, is a showcase for the latest products [...]
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