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DPRK reconfigures its Internet connection

Hot on the heels of a series of attacks that have seen its Internet connectivity severely disrupted, the DPRK appears to be adding an additional route through which it links to the global Internet. The new link began appearing in Internet addressing tables on Monday and connects from Star, the [...]

DPRK’s Internet outage lasted almost two days

The Internet disruption that affected North Korea’s Internet link earlier this week lasted almost two days, an Internet monitoring company said Friday. It began just before 0100 GMT on Wednesday — that’s 10am local time — and continued for much of the next day and a half. It then took several hours [...]

The Pirate Bay says it’s gone to North Korea

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more bizarre than Dennis Rodman hugging Kim Jong Un, the operators of The Pirate Bay site claimed Monday that they are now running from the North Korean Internet. The Pirate Bay is one of the Internet’s longest surviving pirate sites. It links to Bit [...]

DPRK gets second link to Internet

North Korea no longer relies on a single foreign telecom company to carry its Internet traffic to and from the rest of the world. Ever since Star Joint Venture launched the country’s first fully-fledged Internet connection in 2010, North Korean traffic has flowed across the country’s northern [...]

North Korea’s Chinese IP addresses

Cyber attacks against South Korean organizations have been much in the headlines in recent weeks. With each attempt to crash a web server, phish for private information or infiltrate a computer in South Korea, the country’s government points its finger of blame towards North Korea, but concrete [...]

More details on Star Joint Venture

A couple of new details about Star JV, the company now responsible for North Korea’s connection to the global Internet, came to light this week. They were included in a report from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) about the reassignment of the country’s dot-kp domain to Star JV. The [...]

KP domain switch came after KCC Europe disappeared

North Korea’s dot-kp top-level Internet domain was reassigned after the company running it, KCC Europe, ended service and went months without replying to queries from Pyongyang, according to a report released this week. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, which oversees country-level domains [...]

Dot KP domain assigned to Star

Control of North Korea’s dot-KP Internet top-level domain has been assigned to Star JV, the North Korean-Thai joint venture that’s behind the recent wiring of Pyongyang to the global Internet. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which administers country code domains, updated its [...]
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