Directory of North Korean Websites

Over the last few years I’ve collected a lot of bookmarks for websites that are either related to the DPRK in one way or another. There doesn’t seem to be a decent list anywhere online, so I’ve put them all onto a page on this site.

The North Korean Website List doesn’t attempt to list every website with a relation to North Korea, but it does try to include the more interesting or official ones. It’s divided into three parts: sites actually in North Korea; major sites outside of the country; and other sites.

This is just version 1.0. I hope to keep the current entries updated and add new sites as they come along. If you have updates, please include them in the comments for the main list or on the pages related to the individual sites.

The dot-kp domain infrastructure remains offline at present. I hope to include details of dot-kp sites when they return online.

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  1. does this directory still valid?

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