High-quality recordings of DPRK radio

Mark Fahey in Australia wrote to let me know about a project he’s working on that involves the capture of hours of North Korean radio via satellite. The broadcasts of the Korean Central Broadcasting Station domestic service via Thaicom are much higher quality than anything that’s generally available online, including my recordings from shortwave. Here’s what he says:

I am currently capturing hundreds of hours of TV & radio programming from North Korea as part of an academic project I am involved in. Yesterday I spent time digitally capturing the central domestic radio service as broadcast on 819kHz in Pyongyang. I thought some of your contacts and readers may be interested in some studio quality files of the DPRK’s domestic radio. The audio is exactly the same quality as what leaves the studio – complete with the music featuring some analog tape wow and flutter.

I have posted two files on my website. One is 1hr 15min long (suitable to burning on a CD) and the other is a mega 9hr 30min. Both were captured yesterday, December 5th 2010.

The 1:15 hr file starts @ 7:57 AM and features the news and then the musical breakfast program.

The 9:30 hr file starts @ 6:55 AM and runs all the way thru to 4:25 PM.

The files can be download the files here….


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  1. I’d love to see the KCTV live stream in the Web one day.

  2. I Also love to see the KCTV live stream in the Web one day

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