KCNA’s new site gets Juche date

Just over a week since the Korean Central News Agency completed a major overhaul of its website, several elements of the new site have been changed.

The changes address a couple of things that surprised me when I first reviewed the site on January 5.

The first is the addition of a Juche date.

The date is typically listed in North Korean with a Juche year, then perhaps the western year in parathesis. Juche is the spirit of self reliance on which Kim Il Sung founded the country, and the Juche year refers to the number of years since the birth of Kim Il Sung. 2013 is Juche 102.

On January 5th, the date on the site looked like this:


And today, it looked like this:


So, the date is now provided in a Juche format on the site.

The other change that’s been made in the last week has been the removal of a Gmail address at the bottom of the page that didn’t exist.

The address, [email protected], not only wasn’t a real address. It couldn’t even be created because it was below Google’s six character minimum for email addresses.


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