WRN adds satellite-fed Voice of Korea broadcasts

High-quality recordings of Voice of Korea programs are now available on-demand via the London-based World Radio Network.

Voice of Korea is North Korea’s international radio broadcaster.

WRN, which rebroadcasts international radio stations, previously experimented with offering Voice of Korea shortwave programs, but the quality of the reception was poor and the service ended a few weeks ago with no explanation.

Now it’s back and the quality is better than ever.

WRN is carrying the 57 minute daily broadcast of Voice of Korea in English, Arabic, Chinese, French and Russian. Each program includes the daily news, features on life in North Korea, the exploits of the Kim family and the Juche philosophy, and music.

The broadcasts are sourced from the Voice of Korea’s satellite channel, which is alongside the Korean Central Television broadcast on the Thaicom 5 satellite.

WRN notes the service isn’t something it’s been contracted to provide by the North Korean government.

The following content is sourced from the public domain and is provided purely as a public service. It does not form part of our aggregated radio networks and we have no contractual or financial relationship with the content producer. — WRN website, July 22, 2013.

It’s the first time the broadcast has been available regularly online.

Voice of Korea has a public-facing website, but it offers only a few recordings of news on demand. The full program, including music, isn’t provided on the Voice of Korea site.

(Thanks to Yvan Petrov for the tip.)

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