A Facebook message indicates the DPRK Music Channel account has been closed (Photo: NorthKoreaTech)

DPRK Music Channel gone for good?

One of the most popular YouTube channels carrying North Korean content appears to have closed. DPRK Music Channel posted music videos of North Korean patriotic songs and traditional ballads, usually sourced from Korean Central TV. The channel had amassed more than 1.3 million views as of February [...]

North Korea’s newest website: Korea National Insurance Corp.

The Korea National Insurance Corp., North Korea’s state insurance company, has its own website. The company, which in the past has been accused of orchestrating international insurance fraud, offers basic information about itself and its financial health. While the site appears to be new, the [...]

North Korea driving instructions come to Google Maps

North Korea has strict controls on internal movement, a scarcity of private car ownership and almost no Internet users. And now it’s also got satellite navigation through Google Maps. The service is available through the web and mobile apps and allows users to calculate travel time by car or foot [...]
The heavily-fortified inter-Korean border at Imjingak, South Korea. (File / North Korea Tech)

North Korea attacks US funding of anti-censorship projects

North Korea’s state-run news agency issued a sharp criticism over the weekend of U.S. funding of technology projects that attack censorship. The commentary, published on Saturday, points to dissatisfaction among the North Korean elite with U.S. funding of projects that enable the free flow of [...]
Facebook message posted on the StimmeKoreas page

YouTube terminates most popular North Korean channel

The most popular North Korea-related YouTube channel was deleted by the video website on Wednesday for copyright infringement. [April 26 update: The channel is now back. Read on for details of how that happened] The Stimme Koreas channel had amassed around 15 million views for the hundreds of [...]

DPRK organizations called out for censorship

Three of North Korea’s state security and censorship organizations have been called out by Reporters Without Borders in the organization’s latest ranking of “Enemies of the Internet.” The report was published on Wednesday, which RSF and Amnesty International have named world day against cyber [...]
A convoy with loads of manufactured goods from the Kaesong Industrial Park drives towards South Korea. (Donna Miles / DOD)

Internet coming to Kaesong Industrial Zone

Officials from North and South Korea have come to an agreement that should allow limited Internet access inside the Kaesong Industrial Zone, the jointly-run manufacturing complex just north of the inter-Korean border. The agreement was reached during talks on Friday, according to reports quoting [...]

North Korea YouTube List updated

It’s been almost a year since I published the second edition of The North Korea YouTube List, a survey of YouTube channels that carry material related to North Korea. The latest version includes several new channels and changes throughout. Perhaps the biggest change is that the DPRK Music Channel, [...]
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