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The heavily-fortified inter-Korean border at Imjingak, South Korea. (File / North Korea Tech)

North Korea attacks US funding of anti-censorship projects

North Korea’s state-run news agency issued a sharp criticism over the weekend of U.S. funding of technology projects that attack censorship. The commentary, published on Saturday, points to dissatisfaction among the North Korean elite with U.S. funding of projects that enable the free flow of [...]
Site of Pyongyang building collapse as shown by KCNA.

Pyongyang building collapse underlines North Korea’s news blockade

The revelation by North Korean state media on Sunday that Pyongyang suffered a major construction accident underlines how strong the regime’s grip on information flow remains, despite cracks appearing in recent years. The accident occurred on Tuesday, according to the domestic media reports, but [...]

IJuche app banned in South Korea

A recently-launched iPhone app that delivers articles from the Korean Central News Agency to iPhones and iPads has been banned in South Korea. The app, iJuche, was developed and published in late 2013 and was highlighted on NorthKoreaTech earlier this week. That publicity was apparently enough to [...]

App lets you keep up with KCNA on iPhone, iPad

If you use an Apple iPhone or iPad, there’s a new app that lets you stay current with news from the Korean Central News Agency. IJuche is the product of work by Peter Curtis, who says he became fascinated with the DPRK after reading Andrew Holloway’s “A Year in Pyongyang.” “When I decided that I [...]

“Mass intimidation” from DPRK media on Jang’s execution

North Korean state media’s coverage of the arrest, trial and subsequent execution of Jang Song Thaek was “tantamount to mass intimidation,” Reporters Without Borders said on Thursday. “Although only to be expected from one of the world’s worst dictatorships, such manipulation of news and [...]

North Korean media announces execution of Jang

High-level purges in North Korea have been typically quiet affairs in the past. Rumors would circulate that someone had been removed from office, state media would be analyzed for mentions of the person’s name and confirmation would usually only come months or years later when they either reemerged [...]

Full text of KCNA announcement on execution of Jang

The Korean Central News Agency issued the following on December 13, 2013. The English version of the article was issued in two takes. The first take runs about half the length of the full story until the “(more)” below. The story was then updated with the second half. So when the story originally [...]

KCNA deleted, then restored old reports on Jang

News reports that centered on Jang Song Thaek were deleted from the Korean Central News Agency’s website in the hours before state media announced his removal from power on Monday. The reports vanished from the Korean-language portion of the site at around 5am Korean time on Monday (8pm GMT [...]
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