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How it should look: KCNA Watch viewed from an unrestricted Internet connection

KCNA Watch attracts bans in North and South Korea

KCNA Watch, a website that collects articles, pictures and video from the Korean Central News Agency, isn’t making friends on either side of the Korean border. A communications regulator in South Korea has blocked access to the service while the North Korean government has restricted access to its [...]

Seoul eyes harsher crackdown on “pro-NK” websites

South Korean prosecutors are launching a crackdown on websites and users judged to be posting “pro-North Korean” material, according to several local press reports. The action comes as regulators judge the amount of such material available to South Korean citizens has “mushroomed to a risky level,” [...]

South Korea’s online blocking sharply rose in 2010

The number of requests by South Korean police for the deletion of Internet content alleged to be pro-North Korean has soared in the past two years, according to a report in the Dong-A Ilbo. Police submitted 80,449 requests to the Korea Communications Standards Commission for the removal of online [...]

Koryo Tours hits out at South Korean web block

Koryo Tours, the Beijing-based travel agent that specializes in tours of North Korea, says South Korea has “over reacted” in blocking its website since the beginning of this year. The websites and have been unavailable from South Korean Internet connections since [...]

South Korea steps up blocking of DPRK sites

South Korea has begun blocking Naenara and several of its sub-sites. The move comes days after the site reactivated its dot-kp North Korean domain name and plugs a long-standing hole in South Korea’s cyber wall against North Korean online propaganda. The blocking, first reported by Yonhap, results [...]
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