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Kwangmyong information service (Photo: Naenara)

Kwangmyong has been upgraded, says report

Kwangmyong, North Korea’s online information service, has been upgraded. The network serves scientific and technological information and has been expanded with a new search function that includes a translation function, according to a recent article on Naenara, the website of Pyongyang’s Korea [...]
Women carry a Panasonic rice cooker at the Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair 2014 (Photo: North Korea Tech/Aram Pan)

Another look at the Spring Trade Fair

When he wasn’t taking stunning panorama photographs around Pyongyang, Singapore-based photographer Aram Pan had time to visit this year’s Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair (평양봄철국제상품전람회). The fair was twice as big this year as it had been in 2013 according to state media, and it’s easy [...]

North Korea’s Red Star OS goes Mac

Poor Microsoft. It seems North Korea doesn’t like the traditional Windows-look anymore. The latest version of the country’s home-grown operating system, Red Star Linux, has been restyled and ships with a desktop that closely resembles Apple’s Mac OSX. The previous version was based on the popular [...]

Did North Korea pirate Angry Birds?

One of the surprises in North Korea’s recently-launched Samjiyon (삼지연) tablet was the inclusion of Angry Birds, the globally-popular game that involves shooting animated birds to destroy structures and animated pigs. In July, when I was reviewing the Samjiyon, I contacted game-maker Rovio to ask [...]

Autumn trade fair begins in Pyongyang

The second of Pyongyang’s two annual international trade fairs opened on Monday. The Pyongyang Autumn International Trade Fair is scheduled to run until Thursday and has attracted companies from Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Italy, China, Cuba, Turkey and Taiwan, according to the [...]

Exclusive: North Korea’s Samjiyon tablet — Made in China?

One of the most interesting questions surrounding North Korea’s Samjiyon tablet is its source. State media reports not withstanding, the tablet is almost certainly not made in North Korea — the country just doesn’t have the electronics manufacturing capability to design products like tablet [...]
The Samjiyon tablet computer sits in a Pyongyang gift shop.

Review: Samjiyon tablet

North Korea, like the rest of the world, is getting hooked on tablet computers. In the last year, state media has highlighted three different tablet computers that are now, according to the reports, available in the country. The latest of these, the Samjiyon (삼지연), is also on sale to foreigners and [...]

DPRK tablet PC can receive TV broadcasts

North Korea’s main evening news featured a minute-long report on the tablet computers on Thursday night. The report, which focused on the Samjiyon tablet, interviewed a man identified as the chief engineer of the tablet from the Multimedia Technology Research Institute of the Korea Computer [...]
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