KCNA website down? No, it’s still there

If you’ve been looking for the Korea Central News Agency website over the last day or two, you’ve probably been unable to reach it.

Most browsers are returning an error message similar to this one in Chrome: “Oops! Google Chrome could not find www.kcna.kp.”


But the site is there.

An analysis by NorthKoreaTech.org has revealed the site is unavailable not because the server is down, but because it’s address is missing from the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS). DNS converts easy-to-read addresses like “kcna.kp” into numeric addresses that computers use to route traffic.

In this case, typing the numeric address in yourself will pull up the KCNA website. Try it:

Use of the numeric address won’t change how your traffic gets to KCNA, but it shouldn’t be bookmarked and relied upon. Sometimes computers are shuffled around on networks and their numeric addresses change.

The site will probably become available again at the regular address soon.

[UPDATE: The site is back working under it’s usual address]

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