Harsh reaction follows Sony’s canceling of “The Interview”

Redeye, Chicago, IL

A day after Sony said it would not be releasing “The Interview” movie in theaters, on DVDs or online, reaction from Hollywood, politicians and TV commentators in the U.S. has been harsh.

The mood was perhaps summed up best by Rob Lowe:

Seth Rogen has been quiet, probably at the request of Sony Pictures, but Rob Lowe said he had bumped into him at the airport.

Movie and documentary director Michael Moore had this to say:

And actor Steve Carell, whose upcoming movie set in North Korea was also canceled, said it was a “sad day for creative expression.”

In politics, Newt Gingrich said “America has lost its first cyberwar”

And in the press, a couple of U.S. tabloids had memorable front pages on Thursday:

Redeye, Chicago, IL

Redeye, Chicago, IL

New York Post, New York, NY

New York Post, New York, NY

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