South Korea

About those South Korean lawmaker’s comments on satellite weight

There’s some pretty startling and definitive comments being carried in the South Korean media, apparently uttered by Lee Cheol-woo of the ruling Saenuri Party after an intelligence briefing on Sunday. Yonhap quotes lawmakers as saying the National Intelligence Service told them the satellite is presumed to weigh 200 kilograms,…

THAAD deployment ‘at the earliest possible date’

Discussions between the U.S. and South Korea on deployment of a Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile system will begin as soon as this week towards deploying it “at the earliest possible date,” assuming an agreement is reached, the Department of Defense said on Monday….

U.S., allies aim to track North Korean launch

By Jack Kim and Tim Kelly SEOUL/TOKYO (Reuters) – The United States has deployed missile defense systems that will work with the Japanese and South Korean militaries to track a rocket North Korea says it will launch some time over an 18-day period beginning Monday….

Defector media outlets align, want AM radio outlet

Four of South Korea’s leading defector-run media outlets have begun jointly lobbying the government on issues of mutual interest and their first target appears to be a mediumwave (AM) radio frequency. Radio Free Chosun, Open Radio for North Korea, Daily NK and OTV have come together under…

Ulchi Freedom Guardian means lots of computers

As a computer-based war-game, the Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise that begins this week in South Korea requires lots and lots of computers. In pictures released Thursday by the U.S. Department of Defense, some of those computers and the complexity of the set-up can be seen….

North again denies involvement with drones

North Korea strongly denied again on Sunday having anything to do with unmanned aircraft discovered crashed on the South Korean side of the inter-Korean border. Last week, the South Korean government said it had concluded an investigation into the incident and concluded the three drones…

IJuche app banned in South Korea

A recently-launched iPhone app that delivers articles from the Korean Central News Agency to iPhones and iPads has been banned in South Korea. The app, iJuche, was developed and published in late 2013 and was highlighted on NorthKoreaTech earlier this week. That publicity was apparently…

Report: South Korean arrested for aiding North’s spy bureau

A South Korean businessman has been arrested by local authorities on suspicion of passing classified information and video and audio system technology to North Korea, Yonhap reported on Saturday. The report said the suspect, identified only as a 54-year-old man called “Kang,” worked with agents…