The North Korean YouTube List Updated

YouTubeThe North Korea YouTube List, a listing of YouTube channels carrying DPRK-related content, has been updated. The new version includes a couple of newly discovered channels, reordering with the most watched channels at the top and the separation of dormant channels that haven’t seen an upload in the last six months.

The “DPRK Music” channel, which apparently comes from a user in Russia, is still the most watched channel with an impressive 11.7 million views for its 286 videos. The second most watched channel, the “DPR of Korea Official” channel (which doesn’t come from the government, despite the name) has 7.6 million views divided between 2,612 videos.

Perhaps a surprise is that Uriminzokkiri, which is the closest thing to an official channel from the DPRK, is down in fourth place behind the aforementioned “DPR of Korea Official” channel” and “SimmeKoreas.” The second and third placed channels get a lot of their content from Uriminzokkiri.

Part of the reason that Uriminzokkiri is in fourth is probably because of the lack of English-language titles on any of its videos. That makes it more difficult to find them through Google searches in English.

Five channels have been broken off the main list and put into a new dormant section because they no longer appear to be updating. Two further channels have been removed from YouTube.

If you know of any other channels that carry only or mostly North Korean content, please let me know.

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  1. I recommend my own YouTube channel where I only upload songs from the DPRK and mostly those that are performed by either The Korean People’s Army Band or The Korean People’s Army State Merited Chorus. I hope you -or anyone else for that matter- won’t take this as attention seeking.

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