North Korean media claims launch success

North Korea’s state media has claimed success in its attempt to put a satellite in orbit. Here’s the KCNA bulletin that ran just after noon local time: The second version…

DPRK extends satellite launch window

North Korea has extended the launch window for its Unha rocket, a day after saying they were looking to “readjust the launch timing.” The rocket was originally scheduled to launch…

DPRK plans satellite launch in December

North Korea’s state news agency said Saturday that the country plans to launch a satellite later in the month. The launch will be the second the country has attempted this…

Many more satellite launches coming, says DPRK

North Korea’s failed satellite launch may have faded from the pages of the world’s media, but the country’s state-run news agency hasn’t forgotten the international community’s objections to the plan….

Voice of Korea on launch failure

Voice of Korea, the DPRK’s international radio service, broadcast news of the failure to place the Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite into orbit. Below is a recording of the radio station’s English-language broadcast…

Launch failure special news broadcast

North Korean TV ran a special news broadcast informing the country that the launch of the Kwangmyongsong 3 had failed to reach. The broadcast came several hours after the launch….

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