North Korea YouTube List updated

YouTubeIt’s been almost a year since I published the second edition of The North Korea YouTube List, a survey of YouTube channels that carry material related to North Korea.

The latest version includes several new channels and changes throughout.

Perhaps the biggest change is that the DPRK Music Channel, previously ranked as the most popular DPRK-related channel with 11.7-million views, has stopped updating. The last video was uploaded eight months ago.

However, its popularity and the large number of videos means it remains the top-ranking channel with 16.5-million views.

The second-ranked channel and the most popular one still being updated is the Stimme Koreas page at 14.9-million views.

Only one other channel, “North Korea Today,” has broken the 10-million mark. The channel used to be called “DPR of Korea Official” but changed its name.

In total, the channels listed in the guide have attracted 70.8 million views, up from 39.5 million views in March 2013. The new guide features several additional channels, so the two figures are not easily comparable.

As usual, if you know of any channels not listed, please add a comment below.

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