The North Korean Website List

Version 2.0.4 – October 9, 2018 – Change log.

This is a list of all North Korean websites available on the public Internet.

All sites hosted in Pyongyang are included and I have attempted to list most major North Korean sites that are listed overseas.

I’ve also included a few non-North Korean sites that will be of interest to people researching North Korea and its politics.

The list is divided into several major sections:

North Korean company and business websites

North Korean cultural websites

North Korean government and NGO websites

North Korean news and media websites

North Korean travel and tourism websites

North Korean university websites

Defunct websites are no longer listed.

If you spot a new site, please get in touch: [email protected]

38 Comments on "The North Korean Website List"

  1. here’s the website of the European Business Association in Pyongyang might be worth including. Cheers!

    • I had represented a large number of multinational groups, which all withdrew from North Korea following the nuclear and missile tests which led to the Western governments’ imposition of sanctions.
      Before the first nuclear test, the twelve resident business people representing European companies in North Korea founded the European Business Association, the first foreign chamber of commerce in Pyongyang in 2005 (
      There are no more permanently resident foreign business people in North Korea representing European business interests now. EBA has ceased its activities. The Chinese business association still exists though.

  2. Hi,
    your list is pretty impressive, I started something similar about 2 and a half years ago at (don’t worry, I’m not a DPRK supporter or anything like that, I just wanted to make my website look stylish, see the disclaimer for details), haven’t been updating it properly for the last couple months, though, so mostly the .kp site links are not working anymore.

    Here are some suggestions for your list:

    [sorry, I had to cut these out and move them to a separate page, since your WordPress didn’t let me post this many links in a comment, go to to see them]

    I’d also love to make some contributions to your website, that’s a great job you’re doing here and for the last few years I’ve collected some interesting DPRK tech-related materials that you might like. Also make sure you check out my YouTube channel.


  3. Here is a website from the amateur golf :

  4. Definitely add North Korea Books under Other Websites Based Outside of North Korea. They sell North Korean publications (books, periodicals, and videos).

  5. Dear friends:

    The website presents the permission of the Unification Ministry of the Rep. of Korea as well as the bakery operation permission of the DPR Korea.

    Never seen before both on one single site…

  6. Might want to add – business, economics and legal training programs in North Korea

  7. North Korea Books is now blocked in South Korea.

  8. Hi! I’m not sure if you got my email about this; anyhoo — add this one: (Korea Education Fund)
    It used to be online in the previous .kp infrastructure run by KCC Europe and now it’s back on a North Korean server.

  9. Hi again,
    a new .kp site just appeared on the interwebs. This time it looks like a future presentation of the .kp domain registry:

    A new internet domein from the DPR of Korea, but the page is blanco.

  11. Interesting sites 😛

  12. Pyongyang Restaurant

  13. Travel agency in the US

  14. To whom it may concern,

    Would you be able to supply me with a total number of internet users that North Korea has for 2011 and/or 2012?

    Take care have a happy and prosperous year.


  15. Korea Elderly Care Fund


  16. I just wanted to point out that the Korean Friendship Association (KFA) has got a few subsections with their own independent websites, like KFA USA, KFA Italy and KFA Chile, you can find the links to those sites in the main KFA page mentioned here.

  17. An Hong Kong based site with selling rights for North Korean movies, tv drama, animation and songs.
    All stuff can be bought for few dollars and directly dowloaded on your pc.
    I’ve tried it and it’s well done… only the official discount “buy 1, take 5” doesn’t go well. You’ve to be fast dowloading the other four videos you want or in few minutes you loose the discount.

  18. please North Korea place please please please please please stop fighting against the South Korea please please please please please God is very very very good and Lord Jesus Christ is veryvery very good please don’t do it please please please please please


    North Korea place please please please please please stop fighting against the South Korea please please please please please God is very very very good and Lord Jesus Christ is veryvery very good please don’t do it please please please please please

  20. I hope some peaceful resolve can come out of North Korea. I hope the hermit kingdom can open up to the world and there can be a reunification of Korea.

  21. There is still an opportunity for Kim Jong Un to be a hero. And, that would happen if he were to open up all of the gulags and other prisons, start major economic reforms, stop their nuclear weapons program, and open up the nation to the internet:

  22. This is a great list of websites, some needs to be updated, but a good list.

  23. There’s also the pyongyang metro

  24. This is a nice list of websites. All the websites are very useful.

  25. well. tbh. North Korea is probably the only country in the world free from internet trolls

  26. What’s this?

    Good morning Pyongyang?

  27. I found this list with STAR-KP registered domains to be very interesting:


    And there is this site, claiming to be official website of North Korea in Poland.

    I always thought that this is some hoax, but it does not really seem too funny and it is pretty active.

  29. I am happy to find this great list of North Korean websites here. There are not that much information around the world. Maybe you might list our German Website ( We have a special focus on North Korea and collected valuable informations for German tourists.

  30. The blog by “A Capitalist in North Korea” offering a different perspective on North Korea:

  31. I think I possibly found another website.
    I decided to play around in Naenara when I to search up a book that Naenara said contained a yellow python tonic. I had three results from Bing that brought back three articles, all copy and pasted from Naenara. One was from Uriminzokkiri, and two were from this:

    That’s the link to the article. it appears to also be planning to offer tours. it is called the Kim-Il-Sung – Kim-Jong-Il Foundation. it doesn’t seem to be hosted in North Korea (idk, haven’t looked), and seems to have English and German versions (No Korean though). I didn’t do too ahrd a look, but thought I’d post.

  32. There is a new website:

    Here it is the company’s web site in Naenara, that does not seem to have the same purpose:

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