KCNA accuses US, allies of cyberattacks

North Korea’s state-run news agency accused the U.S. and its allies of being behind a series of cyberattacks that have forced its web sites offline for much of the last two days.

“Intensive and persistent virus attacks are being made every day on internet servers operated by the DPRK. These cannot be construed otherwise than despicable and base acts of the hostile forces consternated by the toughest measures taken by the DPRK after launching an all-out action,” the news agency said in a commentary.

The report represents the first recognition by North Korean state media of the cyberattacks.

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Internet problems due to attack, says ITAR TASS

Russia’s ITAR TASS news agency says problems experienced on Wednesday connecting to North Korean web sites was down to a cyberattack. [Updated, see below]

The report, which is datelined from Pyongyang, is just two sentences long and offers no evidence or details for the assertion. It’s credited to an unnamed and unidentified “informed source.”

“Internet resources of the country have come under a powerful hacker attack from abroad,” the news agency reported.

The lack of information makes it difficult to weigh the claim and the unwillingness of the source to go on-record adds a doubt.

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North Korean sites inaccessible for now

All of the North Korean web sites that target audiences outside of the country were in accessible Wednesday morning Korean time.

The reason isn’t clear.

Reports of a single server being inaccessible are common, but the site will often come back online within a few minutes or hours. It’s presumed those single outages are usually for maintenance or a reboot of the computer on which the site runs.

This time the outage is more widespread.

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