Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang in May 2014 (UN Photo)

Pyongyang is booming, but in North Korea all is not what it seems

Kim Jong-un’s regime is not coming in from the cold just yet, and an increasingly prosperous capital stands in sharp contrast to the rest of the country By Tania Branigan, The Guardian, in Pyongyang A bus passenger plays with her mobile phone. A well-dressed couple, sitting hand in hand, peruse a [...]
A message on an Air Koryo Facebook page as it appeared on January 14, 2015

Air Koryo’s Facebook page hacked

Hackers have hit a Facebook page for North Korean airline Air Koryo replacing it with messages in support of Islamic State militants and against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The page shot to fame earlier in the year when it began replying to user comments and questions about trips to North [...]

US sanctions North Korea for Sony hack

The U.S. government has announced additional sanctions on North Korea as a result of the cyber-attack on Sony Pictures. The sanctions are the first official U.S. response to the attack, for which the investigation continues but North Korea has already been named responsible by the Federal Bureau of [...]
Will Scott speaks at the Chaos Computer Club conference in Hamburg on December 29, 2014.

Computer science in the DPRK

Will Scott, the American that spent a semester teaching computer science at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, spoke about his experiences this week at the Chaos Computer Club’s annual conference in Hamburg. Scott, who has just returned from the second trip to PUST, went into [...]

State Dept. remains sure on DPRK involvement in Sony hack

The State Department said Monday that it remains confident in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s conclusion that North Korea was responsible for the cyber attack on Sony — despite a growing number of voices saying that might not be the case. There has been some skepticism about North Korea’s [...]
Boot-up of Red Star Linux 3.0 (Image: North Korea Tech)

Red Star 3.0 Desktop – The install

The operating system is being offered as a 2.6 gigabyte ISO file, which means it will look like a CD or DVD install disc to most modern operating systems. The operating system can be directly installed from the ISO file and requires about 10 gigabytes of disc space. I installed mine inside a [...]
The Red Star Linux 3.0 desktop (Image: North Korea Tech)

Red Star 3.0 Desktop finally becomes public

The latest version of North Korea’s home-grown desktop operating system, Red Star Linux 3.0, was uploaded to BitTorrent on Monday. We first got a look at the operating system almost a year ago when screenshots were posted online. A link to a download file was included in a message on Pastebin that [...]
Outages between North Korea and the Internet from December 23 to December 28, 2014

North Korea’s Internet suffers more attacks

North Korea’s Internet connection with the world suffered outages on December 27 and December 28. The latest instability on the connection began around 0400 UTC (1 p.m. local time in Pyongyang) on Sunday and continued for a couple of hours, according to monitoring by Dyn Research. The U.S.-based [...]
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